Who is this crane training program for?
Absolutely anyone who is interested in learning to operate a crane! We have had a wide range of students successfully complete our program; from those who have been in construction and trades to those who have never touched heavy machinery in their lives. People with backgrounds in office work, medical professions, food service and construction have all made the choice to boost their career and open themselves up to new opportunities working with cranes.

What is the cost of crane training?
Our crane training programs vary in cost due to length and requirements. Call our head trainer, Ralf Notheis, to discuss your career goals and he can suggest the appropriate program with pricing. Ralf loves talking cranes, and to those interested in getting involved with cranes – give him a call today! You can reach Bigfoot Academy at (877) 740-6590. See Course Outlines.

What are the courses offered?
Many of our courses are scheduled monthly but we can also run certain courses on-demand to fit your schedule. If you’re interested in a course, give us a call (877) 740-6590. See Course Outlines.

How do I become cerfitied?
After completing the classroom and field practical work, your certification assessment will be scheduled for the last day of the course. When you pass your assessment you will be certified and ready to start your new career as a crane operator! To learn more about the certification, please visit:Fulford .

Will an instructor come to our location to train our employees?
Corporate training is one of our specialties. We are privileged to have on-going relationships with many corporations, utilities and government bodies who utilize our training services regularly. We can provide onsite crane and rigging training anywhere in North America with a convenient flat rate per day (travel charges will apply outside of the Lower Mainland area). To learn more about our Corporate training opportunities, please call Bigfoot Academy at (877) 740-6590. See Course Outlines.

What is the classroom size?
At Bigfoot Academy, we maintain a smaller class size, from 1-8 people, which allows us to focus on providing individual assistance throughout the course.

Do you provide job assistance?
Crane Operators are in demand; While we can’t guarantee job placement, we do regularly receive calls from companies recruiting for new crane operators. We have successfully connected many students with great employers. Investing in your career and continuing education is always a safe bet. Why wait for a modest annual raise when you can take charge of your career and your earning potential? Call Bigfoot Academy today, (877) 740-6590.

Who do I contact about my registration?
To register, please call Bigfoot Academy directly at (877) 740-6590 or email training@bigfootcrane.com

What do I need to bring to class?
To be prepared for class, please bring a calculator, hard hat, safety vest and steel toe boots (should be CSA approved footwear) – and most importantly bring a great attitude ready to learn. Bigfoot Crane Academy will provide everything else. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Who provides the crane certification assessment?
The Crane Certification Assessment is provided by Fulford Certification, a third party which will administer the final assessment containing both theory and practical components. For more information about Fulford Certification, please visit: Fulford .

Do I need to be registered with the crane association prior to taking classes?
Yes. You can register on-line at www.bcacs.ca.

What happens if I do not pass parts of the assessment?
Our Crane Academy has a high success rate but if you are unsuccessful on either the theory or practical components in your final assessment, a re-assessment will be scheduled. You will only be required to re-assess for the portion in which you were unsuccessful. There are time limits and fees associated with the reassessment process.

How long is the lunch break?
We provide a 30 minute lunch break and two short breaks mid-morning and afternoon.

Is there anything I need to read before taking the course?
We love the enthusiasm! But no, there is no prep required prior to taking the course. We prefer that our instructors deliver all the fundamental material so our students receive the most accurate information, in addition to the appropriate application of that information in the field.

How do I pay?
Our Courses can be prepaid by Visa, Mastercard, Certified Cheque or Bankdraft. (A credit card convenience fee may apply)